Send that something extra special with our gift sets.

This gift set includes a florist choice bouquet, a fridge magnet and a poem card.


Flowers : put together from fresh fragrant blooms and greens by your florist JM Emporium. Elegantly gift wrapped standing in an aqua pack.


Fridge magnet : hand crafted by artist Catherine at Purple Panda Creations. The magnet is a jersey map shape saying "Home is where the heart is"


Card : the card is by Unique Word Designs, which is a lovely poem about starting a new home :

May your fridge always be fully stocked and you never run out of drink

May your dishwasher never break down and dishes overflow in the sink

May you always have toilet paper and your loo is always block free

May your kettle never give up and you always have coffee and tea

May you always find enough money to pay each household bill and drinks are the only thing in the house to ever feel a chill

May each of your duvet covers always be simple and quick to change and you never discover a smell that's mysterious and strange

May you never get woodworm, see a spider or a mouse

Hope you always feel peaceful and relaxed Inside your wonderful new house.

New Home

  • Please note we do not process cancellations / refunds as we deliver a fresh product. We will make sure the product is in 100% condition prior to delivery.

    If there are any issues at all we are happy to process re-delivery on an other date or exchange.


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